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Hair loss affects millions of people. Most of them are frustrated because they have spent a lot of money on guaranteed commercial products and finally got no results. The real and bitter fact is that, guarantee is a marketing word which is being used by many company to increase sales of their products.


  1. For all of my life, I have performed many different experiments on my hair and the harmful chemicals used in these experiments damaged my hair completely. I developed female pattern baldness and I lost all my hopes. But then I read about Dr. Rohit’s natural hair loss treatment and I immediately approached him. The treatment offered by him was 100...see full story

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    1. When everything else failed, I approached Alopecia treatment center for scarring alopecia treatment. Dr. Rohit Shah’s natural treatment started showing its results after 4 months and within a year I recovered all my hair. I got very scared due to this sudden hair fall but Dr. Shah’s treatment saved me from this horror. Thanks, doctor.

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